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Tax Notices


Contact Information

Tax Collector:
Susan Jones

Mailing Address:
Tuscaloosa County Courthouse
714 Greensboro Avenue, Room 124
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-1891

Phone: (205) 464-8230


Office Location

Main Office:
Tuscaloosa County Courthouse
714 Greensboro Avenue, Room 124
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-1891

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The Tuscaloosa County Tax Collectors Office is responsible for the collection of taxes on all property (Real and Business Personal Property) that is assessed in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Due Date of Property Taxes:
October 1st of each year. Taxes are collected 1 year in “Arrears” – or as the title of property stood as of October 1 of previous year.

A Courtesy Notice is mailed on or before October 1st to the property owner of record. This is mailed so that the correct information can be verified and to make sure we have the correct mailing address.

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If you received a tax notice with “In Care of” you, the previous owner held title as of October 1 of the previous year. Your name will be listed first on next year’s notice. If you purchased property in the middle of the tax year, contact the closing attorney as to how your closing was handled and find out who is responsible for taxes. Taxes are not pro-rated. Total amount of taxes must be received before account can be posted.

The due date for all Mortgage companies is November 15th of each year.
It is the property owner’s responsibility to contact their Mortgage company to confirm that the taxes are being paid thru their escrow. Tax bills are NOT mailed to Mortgage Companies. Most Mortgage payments are processed electronically.

Taxes are DELINQUENT after December 31st of each year.

After December 31st penalties and interest will begin to accrue and added to the tax amount.
A delinquent tax notice will be mailed out in January with the delinquent amount that is due.

A copy of your paid receipt will be mailed back to you upon request if a self-addressed stamped envelope is mailed with the payment.

Refunds – If an over payment was made, the refund is to the original payer of taxes. Errors in taxes must be corrected through the Tax Assessor’s office. They will contact the Tax Collector’s office, who will then correct, re-bill and/or refund.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00, except holidays.