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Tuscaloosa County Canvassing Board




The Tuscaloosa County Canvassing Board serves 54 voting wards and is made up of three elected officials: Judge of Probate, Sheriff, and Circuit Clerk. Each member is responsible for administrative and logistical work. The Canvassing Board also acts as the Appointing Board which appoints election poll workers. Additionally, they are responsible for reviewing and counting Provisional Ballots at noon on the Tuesday seven days after the election. Before a Provisional Ballot can be counted, it must be certified by the Board of Registrars.


Judge of Probate – As the Chief Election Official, the Judge of Probate is responsible for appointing inspectors and supervisors, organizing the school of instruction, providing support for election poll workers on election day, and other administrative duties. The Judge of Probate also verifies the signatures on petitions for independent candidates for county offices.

Probate Judge & Chief Election Official, Rob Robertson

Judge Rob Robertson

Sheriff – The Sheriff is responsible for assisting the Judge of Probate in appointing election poll workers, providing security at polling locations by enforcing the “thirty-foot rule”, and delivering election supplies, such as ballots, voter lists, voting instructions, certificates of results oaths, and other necessary forms and supplies.

Sheriff Ron Abernathy

Circuit Clerk – As the Absentee Election Manager, the Circuit Clerk is responsible for overseeing absentee ballots, notifying the Board of Registrars of people with convicted felonies, and receives appeals of refusal of registration decisions made by the Probate Court. The Circuit Clerk also assists the Judge of Probate in appointing election poll workers.

Magaria Bobo