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Public Works

How Do I?

Does the public works department pick up tree limbs?

No, the department is not responsible for picking up limbs or brush from the side of the road. For dumping assistance, please call one of the following:

Black Warrior Solid Waste Authority: (205) 339-7330

Cypress Creek Landfill: (205) 750-0553

Veolia Environmental Services: (205) 752-1369

Waste Management: (205) 345-0112

Will the department provide materials for my community-wide clean up event?

The department does offer trash bags, gloves, and the use of safety vests for organized community clean-ups. They will also arrange for a county trash truck to remove the filled bags of trash.

Why is my problem not fixed?

The Tuscaloosa County Public Works Department does not maintain anything that lies outside of the public right-of-way or that is not county maintained. Your problem request most likely pertains to an area outside of the public right-of-way or in an area that is not maintained by the county.

If you call about a right-of-way question, please know the name of the road or a specific address/area. We need to be able to identify the location based on the information that you provide us.

Will you clear dead animals from the road?

The department will clear dead animals from the road if they are deemed a traffic hazard; otherwise, no.

Who do I call with emergencies when the department is closed?

If there is an emergency situation (such as a downed tree on a public road) outside of our office hours, please call the Sheriff’s Department at (205) 752-0616 to report the problem.