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Recording and Records Fees


Contact Information

Probate Judge:
Ward D. Robertson, III

Mailing Address:
Tuscaloosa County Commission
P.O. Box 20067
Tuscaloosa, AL 35402

Phone: (205) 464-8204


Office Location

Office Location

Main Office:
Tuscaloosa County Courthouse
714 Greensboro Avenue, Suite 121
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-1891

Office Hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Document Filing Requirements

  • Original document(s) only: Copies will not be accepted unless they are certified copies from another court system. All documents are to be submitted in recording order.
  • This Instrument Prepared By: With the name and address of the individual who prepared the document pursuant to Code of Alabama 1975 35-4-110.
  • Marital Status: Must be stated on the document for grantors on deeds, mortgagors on mortgages Code of Alabama 1975 35-4-73.
  • Plat book and page: Must be a part of the legal description for property lying within a subdivision and not described as metes and bounds Code of Alabama 1975 35-4-74.
  • Source of Title: Must be stated on any deed or mortgage indicating the Deed book and page reference(s) of where the grantor or mortgagor acquired the property is recorded. Proper format is Source of Title: Deed Book xxx Page xxx. If the property was acquired from a descendant, an Estate Page is required (only 1 per estate allowed) in addition to the Source of Title. Act No. 656
  • Book Type: not just book to be stated on any reference to a recording in this office.
  • Checks: are to be made payable to Judge of Probate. A phone number and physical address must be stated for business checks. Personal checks must include 2 phone numbers, physical address and Driver’s License number.
  • First Page: Must have a 3” x 3” blank space in top right-hand corner for Recording Information.
  • Return Envelope: Must be included for the proper return of your document(s).
Physical Address: Mailing Address: Email: Phone:
714 Greensboro Ave, Room 137 P. O. Box 20067

Probate Record Request –

Historical Copy Request –

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Tuscaloosa, AL 35402-0067

Real Property

Per Page Charge (maximum of two (2) names for Grantor or Grantee): $3.00
Probate Judge Fee per document: $2.00
Total for basic one-page document (lien, assignment, judgment, release): $5.00
Additional Names : $1.00 per name
Additional book and page references: $1.00 each

Deed Tax

In addition to basic document charges, add $.50 per $500 or $1.00 per thousand on value of property conveyed – charged in increments of $500. The amount of value conveyed is always rounded up to the next $500 if $0.01 more.

Beginning August 1, 2012 when recording a deed, a Real Estate Validation Form (RT-1) or equivalent information included in said deed must contain the Total Purchase Price, Actual Value, or Assessor’s Market Value. (see Code of Alabama, section 40-22-1). Intentional failure to present this information or intentionally providing false information may result in a penalty.

Form RT-1 (Real Estate Sales Validation Form).

Mortgage Tax

In addition to basic document charges, add $.15 per $100 or $1.50 per thousand charged in increments of $100. Mortgage amount is always rounded off up to the next $100 if $0.01 more.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings

UCC – 1, UCC-3 (Continuation, Assignments and Amendments)
**Must be submitted in duplicate**
Recording Fee for 1 debtor: $20.00
Each additional debtor: $1.00
Per additional page(s) over 2: $2.00
Cross-reference fee (if applicable): $2.00
For non-standard forms: $5.00
Mortgage tax: $.15 per $100 (rounded to next $100) on the amount of indebtedness; No mortgage tax is collected when UCC is filed as additional security for a mortgage and amount matches or on UCC-3 forms.

UCC-3 Termination

Probate Judge Fee: $2.00

Business Filing Update

Pursuant to Act 2020-73, effective January 1, 2021, all corporate filings will be filed directly through the Secretary of State’s Office and not through the county Probate Office. Corporate filings include formations, amendments, and dissolutions. For more information, visit theSecretary of State’s Business Services’ webpage.

*Copy charges of Business Entities made in the Judge of Probate office are $1.50 per page and the certification fee $5.00.

Other Recording Fees

Military Discharges: No charge
Delegation of Powers: Probate Judge Fee $2.00; Plus $3.00 per page
Plats: $15.00 for 1st lot, $1.00 each additional lot; Plus $1.00 per Source of Title and $2.00 Probate Judge Fee

Copy Charges (except Incorporations): $1.00 per page; $3.00 per document additional for certified copy